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Ibb-World-Arabic World
Languages :
Germany :
Tunisia :
Indonesia :
·         Managing Investment Projects for investor from UAE                                                                           

·         Management of Real Estate in cooperation with a architect
Nederland (Holland) :
·         Management Investment Projects in Sudan                                                                                     

·         Management of Real Estate in cooperation with a Turkish architect           

·         Plants (Agriculture) planning to get a project in Sudan on the NIL
Algeria :
Managing Investment Projects for Investors
Managing for JV for City Building

·         Management Food Industry

·         Management Medical Industry

·         Management New Energy

·         Management und Trading in Infrastructure Government Project                                                                

·         IT - Integration stests (Low-Level-Test)

·         IT - Implementation Software in Database / Systems

·         IT - System analys

·         IT - Plan of projects

·         IT - Project Traking and Controlling

·         IT - Managing on suplier lewel

·         Management for UAE-Investor to find a object to invest and build                                                              

·         Management of Real Estate to sale in the Arabic countries

·         Management Tourism for cooperation partner from the Arabic countries

·         Golf place management for Investor from the Arabic countries

·         Plant (Agriculture) Management

·         IT -  Implementation on Database

·         IT  - Programming on Portals from management to all other step

·         IT - System Integration

·         IT - System Management
Bulgaria :

·         Managing find for Projects Investment                                                                                                

·         Management Plant Projects  

·         Managing to find JV in Tourism from Turkey, Bulgaria, Sweden
·         Managing find Investment                                                                                                                    

·         Management Plant Projects

·         Managing to find for the Export Food products JV

·         Managing for the Sudan Government to find a company they can work in Infrastructure                            
Sudan :
·         Managing finding for Projects the Investment                                                                                       

·         Managing to find JV from Austria in Mine ore

·         Managing to bring a JV from Turkey in Airport construction

·         Managing dismount for Paper manufacture from Europe  

·         Managing to build Biodiesel plant

·         Managing export from EU Chips manufactures                                                                                          
Turkey :
China :
·         Managing Investment Projects for Investors                                                                                               

·         Drink manufacture = management to build a new manufacture system                                                  

·         IT - Implementation Software in Database / Systems

·         IT -  Implementation Application on Hardware  lewel
·         Managing for Manufactures                                                                                                                            

·         Managing for agent for all Export products from China
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